Programs and Events

J-Sei offers a wide range of activities and classes and has become an important social gathering spot for older adults. Regularly scheduled classes are aimed at gaining new skills, maintaining health and socializing. Many of our classes meet in the morning and attendees stay for a nutritious Japanese lunch.

Click on the calendar events below for more information including a more detailed description of each class or event, start and end times, on-site locations and suggested donations.

J-Sei Class Listing

Below is a listing of J-Sei Classes by category. To find out more about these classes, including a full description and location, please find them in the calendar above and click on the listing to expand it for more information. You can also contact Jill Shiraki, Education Coordinator, for any additional questions you may have at 510-654-4000 ext. 19 or

Art and Writing

  • Calligraphy, Wed 9:30-11:30
  • Watercolor Painting , Th 12:30-2:30
  • Writing Our Histories, Tu 10-11:30

Handcraft Art & Sewing

  • Polymer Clay Design, Th 12:30-2:30, 1st & 3rd
  • Sewing & Alteration, Tu, 9-11:30, 2nd & 4th
  • Stash Busters, Th 9-12, 1st & 3rd

Cultural Art & Music

  • Kimekomi Doll Making, Mon 12-3, 2nd & 4th
  • Temari Craft, Fri 10-12, 1st & 3rd
  • Minyo no Odori (Japanese Folk Dance), Th, 10-11:15
  • J-Sei Sings, 2nd Tues 10-11
  • Beginning Ukulele, Wed 10:45-11:45
  • Community Ukulele, Th 12:30-2:30


  • Monday Lecture, 2nd Tues 12:30-2
  • Beginning Japanese Class, Th 1-2 pm
  • Tanoshii Japanese Conversation, Mon 10-11
  • Bridge Club, Th 12:30-2:30 (tba)
  • Mah Jong Club, Th 12:30-2:30

Health & Wellness

  • Feeding the Spirit, Mon 11-12:30
  • Healthy Japanese Cooking, Fri & Sat
  • Integrative Yoga & Meditation, Tu 9:30-10:30
  • Hip Hop Workout, Sat 10-11
  • Strength & Balance, Wed 9:30-10:30
  • Tai Chi Chuan, Tu 1-2
  • Qi Gong, Wed 1-2
  • Reiki Wellness, Wed 1-3, by appointment